Marketing, PR & communications teams are great. By hiring me you can support and enhance their work.
I will focus on ‘all things video-related’, providing the TLC and cost savings that in house teams and large agencies charging extortionate fees may not see or have the time to explore.
Time with me will empower you to take control of ‘all things video-related’ and make money!

Core Values:

Independent, Imaginative & Insightful Video Solutions.

One of my primary motivations behind starting MVC is my love of sharing knowledge. How better to do this than to offer my expertise in ‘all things video-related’ to those who need it most – YOU!
(YOU could be: businesses, brands, corporations, public bodies, charities, media start ups, broadcast & entrepreneurs)

Luckily for you – I am completely independent,  no buy-outs and no nepotism.
Luckily for you – I am completely honest and get stuck in.
Luckily for you – I am completely on your side and can’t wait to give you winning solutions.


I have worked with the BBC, ITV & Channel 4, News UK, Citi, Universal Publishing Production Music, MTC Novo, Amnesty International, DV8 Physical Theatre, GWD & Plan International.

In a nutshell I am a master of ‘all things video-related’:
Crafting video content, shaping story-telling, influencing strategy, sourcing software systems, monitoring trends, implementing data management workflows & researching wide-ranging insights & analytics.

What People I Have Worked With Say:

“Anshu Rastogi is a first-rate story-teller and video consultant. She project managed a complex child marriage film project in a challenging environment overseas – meeting key targets. She is a video strategy expert and can advise how it can be used to meet core business objectives.” Andy Shipley, News Editor, Plan UK

“I had the pleasure of working with Anshu as a media video consultant whilst I was at Amnesty International. Anshu’s brief was to produce a film that would bring out what Amnesty means to people all over the world, that we could use to fundraise and to get people emotionally engaged with the cause. It’s a tough ask with a complicated subject, but the end product was spot on. Not only did I show it to our most high profile supporters – raising thousands of pounds in the process – it became a regular piece of our communication strategy. We used the film to thank new supporters, as an on-line introduction to our work and at internal events like the AGM. It inspired and engaged supporters and staff alike because of Anshu’s ability to tell the story emotionally whilst maintaining the integrity and dignity of the subjects. I would highly recommend Anshu and her consultancy work.” Dean Anderson, Head of Fundraising, CarersTrust

“Anshu is great at innovating new and exciting ways to utilise video in your company’s overall marketing strategy. Coming up with new ways of attracting attention to your message and/or the product you are selling, Anshu focuses her energy on assisting you with the creation of unique and compelling visual content for the various promotional facets of your company – some of which you may not yet be making the most of. Anshu will open your eyes to the possibilities of new content creation while maintaining a coherent line of messaging for your brand.
Above all, she does it with a smileClaire Reynolds, CEO Clarence Films

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