I love what I do. I have always striven to do what I love. MVC is no different. Setting up my own independent consultancy has been a journey. Describing how I have reached this point will help you understand more ‘about me’.

It’s a funny and proud feeling to be able to say I have been in the world of media for the last 15 years. I began by training to be a BBC broadcast journalist, after a spell as a volunteer science teacher with charity VSO in Ghana, West Africa. Whilst away I was exposed to stories of people’s lives, feelings, dreams, achievements, relationships, careers & culture. Training to be a journalist seemed like a natural next step.

At this point I realised my love of story-telling was a defining driving force behind my career. Reporting led to television producing & directing, which led to video production, project managing video campaigns and being a master of ‘all things video-related’! Working within the broadcast industry for the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 has given me unique insights and an understanding of analytics related to company strategy, vision & brand. Moving from the corporate sector, such as News UK to the charity world, such as Plan International, has allowed me to use video successfully within both B2B & B2C marketing.

This diversity and expertise has evolved over the years and has helped me create MVC. As a media video consultant, I am the combination of my fifteen year’s media career and my passion to impart knowledge to others. Keep reading – you are in safe hands.

Anshu Rastogi is a first-rate story-teller and video consultant. She project managed a complex child marriage film project in a challenging environment overseas – meeting key targets. She is a video strategy expert and can advise how it can be used to meet core business objectives.”

Andy Shipley, News Editor, Plan UK

I had the pleasure of working with Anshu as a media video consultant whilst I was at Amnesty International. Anshu’s brief was to produce a film that would bring out what Amnesty means to people all over the world, that we could use to fundraise and to get people emotionally engaged with the cause. It’s a tough ask with a complicated subject, but the end product was spot on. Not only did I show it to our most high profile supporters – raising thousands of pounds in the process – it became a regular piece of our communication strategy. We used the film to thank new supporters, as an on-line introduction to our work and at internal events like the AGM. It inspired and engaged supporters and staff alike because of Anshu’s ability to tell the story emotionally whilst maintaining the integrity and dignity of the subjects. I would highly recommend Anshu and her consultancy work.

Dean Anderson, Head of Fundraising, CarersTrust