How Can I Help?

Think of me as your video doctor – offering you a video check up. This starts with a consultation to understand your video needs, your concerns and your capabilities. After this, I can diagnose the issues and provide you with workable solutions.

Let’s Break It Down 4 You:

Content Shake-Up & Clean Up

Overhaul content strategy to understand if video is being used appropriately and help devise a pure video based strategy, applicable for all scenarios.

Find emerging patterns on usage of content, appropriate video insights and analytics recommending better models if feasible.

Reviewing video story-telling capabilities. Offering tips, guidance and tutorials on different video genres, on how to adapt story-telling to mobile, tablet, online & broadcast, on producing video stories authentically and how to start a conversation through great video.

Recommending production companies, film-makers, crew, software providers, media planning & buying agencies.

Cloud Platforms & Data Management

What are these? Exactly! Book in a consultation and I will explain.

Hint – it’s what you do to organise video. It will be easier for an individual to organise video than for a growing business, with a stockpile of video content. However, both must follow the same guidelines. It’s no different for big brands with media libraries full of thousands of videos. It’s about taking control of video and being aware of how to manage content.

Cost Cutting & Time Saving

Hire me & save money.

I will facilitate hands-on research of all video content, storage & systems, resulting in a video audit, which will provide cost-efficient solutions.

Before you pay for anymore agencies or buy anymore tools, hire me and I will help you to make the best video-related decisions for yourself or your organisations in the long-run!